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AGoing to a hair parlor and getting a new hair dye or color is common activity for most women and some men. It is a way to look younger, trendier, and sophisticated. Hair dye or color consists of chemicals that can stain and damage clothing. While most parlors and stylists will take extra care in cover your body neck down, some are too engrossed with how time flies that they do away with it all together. In these cases, drops and spills of hair color or dye will eventually find its way onto your clothes. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to remove the hair color stain on your clothes easily.

Use a paper or cloth towel. As soon as the hair dye or color lands on your clothes, do not wait for it to dry. Get a paper or cloth towel and start dabbing and blotting the area of the stain. The towel should be able to absorb the still wet stain before it settles and effectively stains your clothes. Do not rub or press on the stain too hard as this can cause the hair color to seep deeper into the fibers of your clothes.

Wet the stain. Another way to take of the stain before it settles is to soak it in water. If the stained area of the clothing is immediately soaked in water, then the molecules of the hair color will not be able to settle and adhere to the clothing's fibers. In effect, the water will saturate and solute the hair color.

Get a hair color remover. Oil Press Since hair color is a common vanity these days, various hair color removal products are being sold commercially to help consumers solve hair color stain problems. While most hair color removal products are only oil refining equipment effective for stains on the skin or on hard surfaces, there are some products that can be used to remove stains on clothing. Search your local superxafs or hardware supply store for these products. As soon as you are able to find one, apply it on the stained area as directed on the instruction on the bottle or can. Use a rough sponge in applying the product. Rub it vigorously for at least a minute to loosen the molecules of the stain now attached to the fibers. When you are done, get a clean towel and start blotting the area again to remove traces of the hair removal product with the stain attached to it.

Wash the clothing. Once you are satisfied that the stain has been removed, machine or hand wash your clothes with detergent. The hair removal product is very pungent so washing is a necessity. A good wash can rinse off any other traces of the stain from the fibers that are not visible to the eye as well.

These are some of the most effective steps in removing a hair color stain from clothing. The important thing to remember is to remedy the situation before the stain even thinks of settling and drying onto the fabric and fibers of your clothes. Enact the steps to remove the stain immediately as it occurs.

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